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Elba throughout the year

You can reconcile natural beauty with a lot of occasions to practice sport, participate to culture events or inebriate you simply in the incontaminated nature.

If you look for a place where you have natural beauties, many possibilities to make lots of sports, cultural events, or “just” a good stay between nature and breathtaking landscapes, and much more…. Elba island is for you. The famous and beautiful coast with rocky cliffs and sandy beaches is only a little part of our island.. Elba island hides many other surprises. Your holiday on Elba Island has many arguments to let you live unforgettable moments: From the typical and tasty cuisine to the great wines and the history of our little characteristic villages; villages that in the past were location of mineral caves where now you can visit museums and do interesting excursions through the places that have been Elba’s pulsing heart since the Etruscans and the Romans discovered Iron and Granite to extract.

What to do on the Island of Elba

The Elba Island offers to his guests a lot of activities to do throughout the year, to know the island, having fun in company and to practice sport immersed into the nature being surrounded by the sea.

Digital Detox

Disconnect to reconnect
We would like to propose to our guests to recover themselves, walking in a forest or simply excite about the sun rising in the mountains or by the sea.

Mountain Bike

About 150 KM of roads for the Mountain Bike
Are you a biker? Do you love to face ascents and bare tracks in your mountain bike saddle? On the island of Elba you will find about 150 KM of paths between bais, beaches, rocks and sandy or gravel roads.
 Capoliveri Bike Park

Capoliveri Bike Park

More than 100 KM of tracks and spectaculair roads
The Capoliveri Bike Park is a paradise for all the sport lovers with it’s trails you can walk or drive on with your mountain bike. Also for them who visit it for the first time it is easy to navigate.
Trekking in the nature

Trekking in the nature

Paths and panoramic walks
You will get to know the natural and historical beauty on offer and come into contact with our traditions and culture. There are many trails and walks, some are more strenuous while others are simply panoramic.

Enduro & Motocross

The height difference is extremely various and the trajectory unpredictable
The island offers a large choice of tracks for enduro bikers who are looking for strong emotions and want to have fun on dirt roads. The rest of the island offers to enduro excursion lovers spectacular and technical interesting tracks.

The Grande Traversata Elbana (GTE)

The “Grande Traversata Elbana” in english “Big Crossing of Elba” is the nicest and longest trekking path oh the island of Elba
It starts from Cavo, next to the north-eastern top of the island, then it runs along the central ridge of Elba and arrives to the Monte Capanne where it splits in 2 different paths. he total distance of this trail is 60 km and is normally done in 4 laps.


Free Climbing and sport climbing
Whether you are an expert or beginner, if you love climbing, Elba has so many places to discover, to ascend and descend. The clear waters and lush vegetation are your companions on the journey to discover Elba in its most inaccessible places.
Watersports Isola d'Elba


Are you a lover of quiet or stormy waters?
On Elba you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy water sports, hire Banana boats, do sky surfing, water skiing at the beaches which are more popular with young people. Here they are…


We are associated with the Golf Club Acquabona
If you are a fan of Golf, on Elba you can do your favourite sport at the Golf Club Acquabona. The course has nine holes and is located near the hotel


Extreme sports on the Island of Elba
If you love adventure and extreme sports, on Elba you can paraglide, glide and circle in the air harnessing the power of the wind, in relation to body weight. A challenging sport with a high adrenaline rush.
Visite Aziende Agricole

Visit Aziende Agricole and wine tasting

Elba Island has a long tradition of local agricultural products such as the production of wines
There are a lot wineries on Elba Island, many of them give you the possibility to be visited and have a tasting of wines or other typical products from Elba. Ask for more information at the moment of your booking or in our Hotel.

Cinemas and Theatres

A first class schedule
Open air cinema, or internal, Theatres and Events; There are also numerous concerts and shows put on in the streets of the small villages. All you have to do is book your holiday!

History, Mines and Museums

From The Etruscan people to the exile of Napoleon
The island of Elba has always been an important part of the Mediterranean since antiquity, both for the presence of minerals and iron extraction, as well as an important port of exchange and stop for commercial ships crossing the Mediterranean.
Thermal baths and Wellness Center

Thermal baths and Wellness Center

For a holiday in complete relaxation
Our Hotel has a partnership with the thermal centre of San Giovanni in Portoferraio, at the moment of the reservation, or directly at the Reception of our Hotel you can ask information or book your relaxing wellness day.

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