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Bike Park

More than 100 KM breathtaking paths and roads

The Capoliveri Bike Park is a paradise for sports lovers with its paths that can be discovered by trekking, mountain bike or as you prefer. It develops for more than 100 km of paths and spectacular and interchangeable roads. It consists of 5 permanent tracks of varying difficulty and length.

Also for those who visit it for the first time it is very easy to navigate because each route is identified by a different color and reported by specific signs indicating the name of the route, the direction to follow, a number referring to where every sign is placed so that it can be easily found on the map.

Track A: Calamita

  • Length: 19 km
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Total height: difference: 800 mt
  • Max inclination: 25,5%
  • Average inclination: 6,5%

Track B: Miniere

  • Length: 16,6 km
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Total height difference: 851 mt
  • Max inclination: 25%
  • Average inclination: 8,5%

Track C: Ripa Est

  • Length: 17 km
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Total height difference: 899 mt
  • Max inclination: 26,5%
  • Average inclination: 8,5%

Track D: World Cup

  • Length: 10 km
  • Difficulty: challenging
  • Total height difference: 611 mt
  • Max inclination: 35%
  • Average inclination: 11,5%

Track E: Legend Cup (1st edition)

  • Length: 41 km
  • Difficulty: hard
  • Total height: difference: 1936 mt
  • Max inclination: 24,3%
  • Average inclination: 8%

Useful Tips

  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Get information about the chosen track and the surrounding environment.
  • Be objective in judging your physical training level before starting the chosen track.
  • Always inform someone of the tracks you plan to do in the day.
  • Always be careful and moderate your speed downhill and in curves.
  • The trails are also suitable for trekking, so beware of any walking people.
  • Bring the right water supply and food supplements.
  • Wear a suitable clothing for the season.
  • Check your bicycle before departure and bring with you the necessary for the most common repairs.
  • Always respect nature.
  • Do not throw trash on roads or paths.
  • Avoid walking on unmarked paths or roads and do not enter abandoned buildings.

Every year in May a wonderful mountain bike race takes place.

The Capoliveri Legend Cup

Almost 23 years are gone since Elba Island and Capoliveri hosted the historic lap of the Cross Country World Cup. In that late 1994, in Capoliveri, an important page in the history of MTB was written, which perhaps few remember, but remained indelible in the memory of those who had the luck of assist. The challenge between aces like John Tomac and Ned Overend is part of MTB history. A story that has become a legend with a stunning Bike Park, made by permanent tracks that allow you to relive the emotions that Mount Calamita could give in that far 1994. So the urge for agonism led to the birth of the Capoliveri Legend Cup, which grew over the years and now became an international must, recognized by many as one of the most beautiful mountain bike marathons in the world… a race that can give you unique emotions with a breathtaking track always immersed between the sky and the sea. Those who have run this race always keep it in their heart, those who didn’t yet are willing to participate, because to run the Capoliveri Legend Cup means to start to be part of the “legend” !!!

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