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Capoliveri is a town of Roman origins, in top of a hill, the home of former miners, sailors, farmers. It rises 170 metres above sea level and from here you can admire the entire southern coast of the Island of Elba with its hills and creeks, and the two islands of Montecristo and Pianosa. It is one of the oldest villages, built with the function of fortress, thanks to its higher position from the sea level, useful for defense against pirate attacks. It is an evocative place where the streets of the historic center meet natural beauty; walking into the little centre, between small streets and stairways you will be transported back in time. One of the most interesting places is the mount Monte Calamita, famous about its mineral variety and today a protect zone from the UNESCO. It once was a zone of relevant industrial activity, whose history, however, ends in 1981 with the closure of the mines on Elba. It is now possible to return back to the moment where the miners worked there reliving the habits of them, making excursions with a guide. Furthermore on this hill there is the Bike Park of Capoliveri, paradise for the sport fans, with an extension about more than 100 KM. It is a real open air gym immersed in the silence of the vegetation of the Mediterranean Macchia, wild beaches and the red sand from the mines, just place of the World Cup of Mountain Bike in 1994 and scenery of the Capoliveri Legend Cup. One of the oldest traditions that is celebrated every october in Capoliveri, and where are more than thousand of people take part, is the Festa dell’Uva (grape festival) , dedicated to the tradition and the ancient grape harvest; the whole island is known for its viticulture, but especially in Capolivery excellent table grapes are produced, also the Aleatico and the Moscato. Within the three days of the festival, the city becomes an open air theatre, where the 4 districts, il Fosso (ditch), la Torre (tower), la Fortezza (fortress) and il Baluardo (bulwark), will challenge each other with games, music, dances, parades and choreographies on the themes of the harvest. It is an occasion to taste inimitable typical local products.
What to visit in Capoliveri
  • Museum of Elba Minerals ‘Alfeo Ricci’ – Via Palestro 1, +39 0565935492
  • Capoliveri Calamita Mine – Piazza del Cavatore, +39 0565935492
  • Museum of the old workshop- Via Calamita TEL +39 0565 935492
  • Mine Tunnel del Ginevro – Località Naregno TEL +39 0565 935492
  • Church of Santa Maria Assunta, of Romanesque origin
  • Parish of San Michele, dating back to the twelfth century, where according to legend, Pope Gregory XI sought shelter from a storm in 1376
  • Sanctuary of Madonna delle Grazie: an ancient refuge for French monks during the French Revolution. The beautiful painting of Madonna del Silenzio of Marcello Venusti, a follower of Michelangelo and the frescoes of Eugenio Allori, carried out by Gustav Blankenagel from Cologne in the 1960s
  • Strada panoramica (Scenic road )over the bay Golfo della Stella: from the old town walls we reach Morcone and Pareti
  • Cala dell’Innamorata (lover’s cove): a beach which owes its name to the tragic story of two lovers, Lorenzo and Maria, who met secretly on this very beach. On 14 July, Lorenzo was attacked and killed by pirates and Maria jumped into the sea. The legend is commemorated each year on 14 July with the Innamorata Feast in Capoliveri, is celebrated with a candlelight vigil at sea.
  • Sanctuary of Madonna della Neve near Lacona: dating back to the 16th century and the 19th century house of Giuseppe Tosi, a hermit.
  • Fortress and lighthouse of capo Focardo: Spanish era fortress built in 1678 by Don Ferdinando Foxardo
  • Laghetto di Sassi Neri (small lake)
  • Weekly market: in Capoliveri Thursday; in summer at Lacona Thursday evening and Sunday Morning
Most important events
  • April – Rally Elba modern cars
  • April – Ebike Enduro Cup
  • End of April – Mine in Trail, challenge of trail running
  • April – Triathlon Cross Iron Tour
  • 2nd of May – Triathlon Mtb Elba Kolossal
  • 8th/ 10th of May – Capoliveri Legend Cup
  • Month of July – Magnetic Opera Festival
  • 1st of August – Blue Night
  • September – Historic Rally Elba – oldtimer race
  • 1st weekend of October – Festa dell’Uva – grape festival
  • Month of December – Calamita Trail

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