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Food and Wine Route

A long tradition of local products

Since hundreds of years, the miners activity of the iron and granite extraction on the Elba Island has been joined by agricultural crops, especially by viticulture, the only  resources on Elba Island for a long time. The vineyards are characteristically the land also today and thanks to the ferrous soles  iron, the winds that beware of illness and the salmastre air created vines of optimal quality. Every moment is the right one to start and drink a glass in company or to look around: the sensation to annuse, taste and degust all the island, is strong.

The light and the breath of the Mediterranean Sea are ideal conditions to produce vine plenty of positive energy, parfum and smells of great airiness. The elban nobility wines with the DOC ™ is made of 10 proud brothers: Elba Bianco, Elba Rosso, Elba Aleatico, Elba Ansonica, Elba Ansonica Passito, Elba Rosato, Moscato dell’Elba, Elba Vermentino, Elba Trebbiano ans Elba Sangiovese. But the prince of the Elba Island is  the Aleatico Passito, once and only  DOCG ™ of this territorium. A tour to the famous vineyards is a must during your elban vacancy and there are many wineries  located.

The island will offer you many things if you love food and wine tours of high quality and to taste new flavours made of precious prime materials. The elban cuisine draws inspiration from the poor tradition of simple  plates that become in time of strong characters and raffinated flavours where the products from the sea and from the land will become one to offer inimitable flavours. Typical elban plates, the Gurguglione (mixed stewed vegetables), the Sburrita di Baccalà, a fish soup with herbs like the catmint that grows in very few areas, served with slices of toasted bread. A typical elban cake, the Schiaccia Briaca from Rio, is mixed with Aleatico, will be an ideal present for friends coming back home from our island, maybe together with a bottle of this sweet wine that is the flagship from the elban vineyards. Every day the local markets will sell products of high quality that the farmers bring directly there: marmalades, honey, olive oil, wines and other treasures to taste. Spending a food and wine holiday on the Island of Elba is a single experience of exploring new flavours and inedit emotions.

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