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Elba throughout the year

Marciana e
Marciana marina

Marciana. The small town Marciana is the ideal place for all the lovers of Art and the breathtaking panoramas. It is situated about 375 meters on the sea, surrounded by oak and chestnut woods, and it is one of the oldest towns rich of historical and archeological testimonies from the island. Its origins go back to 35 a.C. Visiting Marciana, you can inspire a “old fashion” style of living:  slow and relaxing rhythm, without any Stress, totally one with the nature. It is the departure of the cableway that brings you in a few minutes in top of the hill of Monte Capanne, the highest hill of the island, and from where you will be able to see, in a clear day, the whole island of Elba, a part of the Tuscan coast and the surrounding islands from the Tuscan Archipel. The festivals, you don’t have to miss are the revival of the Palio S.Agabito and the the one of the chestnuts., when the small ways of the village become an occasion of tasting everywhere gastronomic delicacies based on chestnuts, like the tasty Castagnaccio or roasted ones or the jam. The land of Marciana includes a big coastal stretch where you will find important touristical locations, like Procchio, Pratesi, Sant’Andrea and Pomonte. They offer the most breathtaking sunsets. in the past they were connected only by a small muletrack crossing valleys made of vineyards that today they have become trekking and mountain bike paths. Over the christmas period the town is set up in a big christmas nativity scene like it was in the time of the birth of the Christ. Along a guided track there will be artisan shops now disappeared like shoemaker, shepherd, stonemason and other attractions till you will arrive in front of the crib.

Marciana Marina. At the foot of the mountain of Monte Capanne there is the village of Marciana Marina, the third smallest town of Italy, it is situated in the centre of a nice bay, surrounded by  a rich forest of pine, chestnuts and oaks. Along the promenade you will make beautiful walks between small boutiques, restaurants where you can taste the typical products of the island.  On 12th of August the sky is colored with the fireworks that is synchronized with music, to celebrate the patron Santa Chiara. l 12 agosto il cielo di Marciana Marina si colora con la festa di Santa Chiara dove potrete assistere ad uno spettacolo pirotecnico sincronizzato con musica.

What to visit
  • Archeologic Museum and fortress Fortezza pisana – Via del Pretorio 66 – TEL: +39 0565 937371 /+39 0565 937248
  • The historical town center of Poggio, with the churches of San Niccolò and San Defendente
  • Mountain Masso dell’Aquila
  • Appartement of Napoleon – Casetta Drouot- Poggio
  • Hill track Serraventosa
  • Mountain of Monte Giove
  • Old Etruscan village of Monte Castello
  • Old Mint of Marciana
  • Sanctuary Madonna del Monte – Marciana
  • Parish San Lorenzo
  • Hermitage San Cerbone between Poggio and Marciana
  • Chapel of San Liborio – Poggio
  • Church Santi Sebastiano e Fabiano – Poggio
  • Church Santa Caterina – Marciana
  • Islet of Paolina (Marciana Marina): Location near Procchio along the principal road that connect with Marciana Marina
  • Church of Santa Caterina – Marciana Marina
  • Tower Torre degli Appiani – Marciana Marina
  • Church of Santa Chiara – Marciana Marina
Most important events
  • Living crib in Marciana during the christmas period
  • July – Celebration of the patron in Chiessi
  • August – Celebration of the patron San Rocco in Procchio
  • 18th of August – Palio of Sant’Agabito in Marciana
  • September – The beer festival with music and gastronomic stands – Marciana
  • October – Chestnut festival – Marciana
  • November – Chestnut festival – Poggio
  • 12th of August- celebration of Santa Chiara – Marciana Marina
  • Weekly market: Thursday in Marciana Marina, Saturday in Marciana

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