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We get back our Summer!

The rainbow that has characterized this period of our life, illuminating a dark moment with its colors, is now taking shape on the horizon in a concrete way.

It is time to restart and leave, leaving behind us a bad moment that touched us all, in one way or another, but which also taught us to appreciate the importance and beauty of all those things that before they were taken for granted.

We were lucky on our happy island, which remained so despite everything, and now we want to share its beauty with you. 

Elba is here at your fingertips, for those who already know it, it needs no introduction and can’t wait to return, and for those who have never had, an unmissable opportunity. Ask for more informations or for a personalized offer

Comfortably seated on your sofa you can already open a window on the island by going to watch the webcam of our Hotel Villa Wanda, and you can start traveling … We know that we still have to wait a few days to be able to leave, it is not yet time to pack your bags. .. meanwhile, however, we can take some more information or book by taking advantage of the possibility of canceling for free up to a few days before the stay.

We can also take advantage of the discounts for ferries and their unmissable promotions for next summer, without risking anything. Do you want to know more? We are also waiting for you in chat or on the phone to plan together the most awaited period of the year, and with the main ingredient, the breathtaking beauty of our island, we will tailor the holiday for you like a tailored suit.

In Lido di Capoliveri, at the Hotel Villa Wanda, a small hotel surrounded by greenery and not far from the sea, we are ready to welcome you and we are looking forward … with the usual warmth.

P.S. We opened on May 4th and will be open for all the year